ComForCare In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity
By ComForCare • May 2, 2016

UK Master Franchise for ComForCare Home Care Now Available!

While more and more studies, reports and projections warn that the UK population is aging, homecare services become more and more popular. This means that new opportunities become available to those at a crossroads in their career and to those looking for new business ventures – more jobs in homecare and more UK master franchise homecare offers.

It is that simple! As they reach old age, more and more people choose to continue living in their homes and pay for specialized care rather than to sell everything they have and move into dedicated facilities.

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Here are some details surrounding the ComForCare Home Care Master Franchise Opportunity:

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Main UK Master Franchise Senior Care Benefits

Compared to basic franchise ownership, this opportunity provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Higher revenue potential – There are basically no limits to how many franchises one can sell/manage and how much money they can make.

  • Convenient splitting agreement for the master fee and royalties – It actually means benefitting from other people's success with minimum efforts, given that most risks are covered by the franchisor.

  • High base of direct pay clients – Master franchise owners usually have their own client base and also those appointed by the franchisor, all paying for their services directly.

  • Continuous international support – No matter if they have questions, need training, advice or information on certain subjects, master franchisees will receive prompt support through a well-organized international service.

  • Tested, operational and efficient business platform – Many have already succeeded, and the business plan is very easy to follow, one is expected to do what they know and can do best and, later on, train and help others to do the same.

  • The chance to launch one's own office and manage it with ease – After having sold several franchises, clients and franchise buyers will keep coming, and the office will become a necessity.

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More than this, UK master franchise homecare opportunities rely on various resources ensured by franchisers, such as:

  • No need for medical specialization or experience for caregivers;

  • Access to new and valuable training programs like DementiaWise™

  • Large territories with exclusivity ensured by the franchisor;

  • Reasonable initial investment;

  • Effective marketing tools and resources.

How can one benefit from all these and more? The answer is simple: by joining a reliable master franchise UK program like ComForCare.

Why ComForCare?

Listed in Top 25 World Class Franchises, one of the leading homecare franchise companies in North America and mentioned in famous American publications, the company already enjoys a tremendous popularity in the UK. Its offers include:

  • Start-of-care programs;

  • Homecare nurse assessment and reassessment;

  • Innovative care programs;

  • Education sessions for the clients and their families;

  • Management and quality assurance training;

  • Thorough recruiting process meant to ensure quality services for clients and peace of mind for master franchisees;

  • Several master franchise levels: master franchise, regional master franchise, multi-unit franchise, single unit franchise.

There are many benefits associated with the ComForCare UK master franchise homecare opportunities, and they can all be discovered and enjoyed with a simple step: Contacting ComForCare! 

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