ComForCare In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity
By Dustin DeTorres • April 4, 2016

Franchise Business Opportunities – A New Trend in the Home Care Industry and a Solution for Families Everywhere

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40.2 million U.S. residents are 65 and older, and that number is estimated to reach 72 million by 2030 and 88.5 by 2050. With our population growing older, home health care business opportunities abound, and it is easy to see why.

What Makes the Home Health Care Industry So Attractive?

On one hand, the existing assisted living services and nursing homes do not have enough capacity to accommodate the growing senior population. On the other hand, the elderly cannot always afford these health care services, or even when they do, they would rather continue to live in their homes, surrounded by precious memories and loved ones.

In these circumstances, home health care becomes a great alternative for most communities:

  • Seniors receive the assistance they need in a familiar environment and at an affordable price;
  • Their families gain freedom and peace of mind, remaining close to their loved ones, but with fewer responsibilities and worries;
  • The caregivers have the chance to build careers that ensure not only attractive remuneration, but also personal rewards, like the chance to help others, to have a flexible schedule, spend more time with the family, to start a business and see that business grow and prosper.

The Newest Home Health Care Business Model – The Franchise That Helps Families

There are few companies that provide home care services around the country, and they usually have high rates, because of the high costs they incur. Recruiting, training and retaining employees is not easy, marketing costs are high, and clients are rarely satisfied with the quality of the services provided by poorly motivated or underpaid employees.

To avoid such issues, home care service providers like ComForCare have come up with a revolutionary solution: franchise business opportunities. People across the country have the chance to become qualified ComForCare franchise owners and build a profitable business in their living area while contributing to their community members' well being.

In other words, people in search of a job, who are interested in a career as a caregiver or who are willing to help their community while providing for their own family, can start their own businesses under the ComForCare banner. In exchange for a minimum and risk-free investment, they receive all the training, tools and support required to build a large client portfolio, establish a solid reputation, and create a successful business.

Thus, franchise owners help both their own families and the families in their communities. The franchise allows them to make their own schedule, manage their client portfolio as they wish and ensure a constant flow of money. This means more time to spend with their loved ones and the resources to ensure better living conditions, regular vacations, access to high-quality products and services, etc.

These benefits and the freedoms motivate franchise caregivers to do a good job and, through their work, improve the lives of numerous families in their community. Franchise owners gain a sense of usefulness and a purpose. They experience the satisfaction of shaping and improving other people's lives, while getting paid to do it.

Just consider the difference between having elderly family members committed and paying a fortune for them to receive the care they need and seeing elderly family members live happily in their home, receiving quality care from a friendly, committed and qualified community member, at a fair price. It’s an easy choice.

The benefits are obvious for all the parties involved: the elderly, their families and the caregivers and their families. It is no wonder that ComForCare franchises have become a very profitable home health care business model successfully implemented across the United States. Get started helping your neighbors, their families, and your own family with your own ComForCare franchise today.