ComForCare In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity
By Phil LeBlanc • July 7, 2016

Experience Compassion With ComForCare: Franchising With Quality Care and Diversity

Experience Compassion With ComForCare: Franchising With Quality Care and Diversity

There are a variety of franchising opportunities in the marketplace, and it’s important for potential business owners to select the companies that fulfill the needs of their areas. ComForCare offers such an opportunity. Operating in more than 190 territories throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, the company has strived for decades to provide the highest quality of care and workplace diversity to clients and their families.  


What Other Franchisers Say About ComForCare

As a non-medical home care company that provides companionship and hands-on personal services, ComForCare considers itself to be a “people business.” Franchise owners from a diversity of backgrounds and lifestyles have praised the company for being a great business model that provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Support: It offers solid professional support that is always available to address the concerns of franchise owners.
  • Connection: It promotes a feeling of contributing significantly to local communities.
  • Strong relationships: It establishes connections with care clients on a personal level.
  • Entrepreneurial: It provides the necessary professional resources (courses, classroom training, onsite support, and so on) that motivate franchisees and help build their business communication skills.  

Known for Diversity: Compassion for Every Participant

ComForCare is proud to offer diversity in franchising and strives to promote a supportive atmosphere for clients and senior care franchisers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences:

  • Women: ComForCare is a significant contributor to helping women become successful in business. It offers them brand recognition, in-depth training and support, expansion opportunities, and no limit on how far they can go or how much money they can make.
  • Elders: There is a growing desire among seniors to age in their homes, and so almost two-thirds of ComForCare clients are over 65. The team provides the best care services to elderly citizens with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses.
  • People of various ethnicities and backgrounds: ComForCare promotes a racially diverse atmosphere by partnering with franchisers from all around the world, as well as by offering home care to clients regardless of economical background, race, religion, or gender.  

Creating Leaders and Satisfied Communities

With their resources, experience, and wide range of expertise, ComForCare enables diversity in franchising for a variety of home care providers, enabling anyone to offer compassion and quality care to residents within their communities. Call them today to speak with them about their franchising opportunities.