ComForCare In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity
By Dustin DeTorres • July 9, 2016

ComForCare: Providing Opportunities in the Workplace

Nondiscrimination at ComForCare: Providing Opportunities in the Workplace

ComForCare promotes diversity in franchising by providing professional and caring services to potential business owners and clients of any race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. As a company that considers nondiscrimination to be one of its key foundations, ComForCare is committed to fostering a workplace environment that extends an equal amount of opportunities to all people and home care franchisers across the globe.  

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General Information: LGBT Individuals in the Workforce  

Many members of the LGBT community are unwilling to express their orientation in the workplace due to fear of discrimination or persecution. This trepidation is linked to a variety of factors:

  • Humor at their expense: LGBT individuals report hearing jokes among colleagues that are targeted towards gays, bisexuals, or transgender individuals.
  • Loss of connection: About 31% of closeted LGBT individuals are afraid of losing connection with their colleagues if their orientation becomes known.
  • Fear of demotion: Roughly 23% feel they will not be offered promotions or advancement opportunities if they “come out.”

It is difficult to say whether these concerns have their roots in previous experiences of legitimate professional persecution or from fear-triggered personal perception. However, it does seem to be an ongoing trend that many LGBT individuals have a difficult time feeling comfortable in their work environment.

ComForCare Career Opportunities: A Fear-Free Workplace

An accurate statistic of the presence of LGBT individuals in the world is difficult to obtain, but a recent poll has discovered the following:

  • Canada: 1.3% of people between 18-59 identify as gay or lesbian
  • United Kingdom: 1.5% report being LGBT
  • United States: 1.6% report they are gay or lesbian, while 0.7% say they are bisexual

The team at ComForCare forms interpersonal connections with clients and franchisers alike by fostering diversity in franchising, reaching out not only to individuals within these specific communities, but to any potential business owner in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom who desires to be part of a first-rate caring facility.

Extending a Warm Welcome to Every Individual

ComForCare does not discriminate against LGBT individuals or any other minority, race, or religion. Instead, it invites these individuals to contribute their unique skills and qualities to the team in order to become integrated in the ComForCare family, and to partake in a home care system that is dedicated to offering compassion and quality services to a wide range of communities.